Wellness & Spa

Direct Access to the Alfen Saunaland

Just a few steps from the hotel, you will find the Alfen Saunaland, a spa in the style of the Germanic past of the region. The different areas of the Alfen Saunaland are located in separate buildings and are connected by a large and green garden. The magical atmosphere that surrounds the beautiful cabins and longhouses creates an exclusive feel-good ambiance.

Go on a fascinating journey through our lovely spa village. Start with a refreshing visit to the steam bath and enjoy the calming ambiance of the salt grotto, sweat in the high-temperature sauna or book a beauty treatment. The four elements, fire, water, air and earth, have been combined to let you experience deep and soothing relaxation. They let you breathe freely, they cleanse your pores and improve your blood circulation. In addition, we offer a fitness room and yoga classes, children’s swimming lessons, aqua fitness and many more.

Saunaworld, Massages & Cosmetics

Sauna, Massages & Beauty Treatments
Wellness and spa, exercise and relaxation are absolutely invaluable for our sense of wellbeing. We all feel best when we are beautiful and full of life. Sports, visits to the sauna, massages and beauty treatments balance your body and let you regain your strength.

In our Bistro Nyssa, you can feast like a Teuton during your sauna & spa experience. Honey-flavored treats, honey wine and other delicacies as well as the unique atmosphere let you dive into the land of the Teutons.

Opening Hours

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Sauna & Spa

Invigorating heat warms your body and relaxes tense muscles. The natural scents of the wild surroundings wake your senses and let you breathe freely.

  • Finnish Sauna
  • Herbal Sauna
  • Steam Bath
  • Outdoor Sauna
  • Swimming House
  • Salt Grotto
  • Sauna Garden
  • Relaxation Room
  • Fitness Studio

Classes & Treatments

A versatile sports offer and numerous beauty treatments will make sure that you will stay in motion during your stay at the Ringhotel at the Alfsee.

  • Aqua Fitness
  • Children’s Swimming Classes
  • Yoga Lessons
  • Massages
  • Facial Treatments
  • Hair Removal
  • Partial & Full-Body Massages